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Your Target Market:

I learned a long time ago that as Network
Marketers, your target market is other Network
Marketers (or MLMer’s).

Here are some reasons why...

Reasons Why Your Target Market are Other MLMers
 They have already been sold on the industry

 They do not have any pyramid objections

 They already know terms like
o Up-line
o Down-line
o Cross-line

 They know other Network Marketers

 They are some of the most pleasant people that
you would ever meet—ready and willing to help
you the best way they know how

Moreover, I have made money selling tools to this
target market utilizing the strategies and tactics
Tracy Biller taught in his revealing eBook – ―The

Fastest Way To Build A Large MLM Downline‖ and also
his powerful audio tape – ―Power Recruiting‖.

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